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Down For Everyone Or Just Me? - Is that website down?
Website Reputation Checker Tool
Google - Google Web Search Features
DuckDuckGo Goodies - Calculations, Conversions, Special queries...
Time and Date Calculator
List of Internet Search Engines
Open Street Map
UW Madison - Staff/Department Directory Search
UW Madison - Campus Map
UW Madison - Network Statistics
UW Madison - DoIT AANTS
UW Madison - Division of Information Technology
UW Madison - NetID Password Change
UW Madison - DoIT Helpdesk
UW Madison - Eduroam Wireless Setup
UW Madison - Wireless Guest NetID
UW Colleges
UW Extension
UW System - My Wisconsin
Level3 Network Map
OpenBSD - 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system
Redhat - Enterprise Linux
Iptables - Debian/RedHat
Iptables - Tutorial 1.2.2
Windows - Well known SIDs in Windows
Windows - A-Z Command line reference
Windows - Glossary of Registry Terms
Windows - Microsoft TechNet Library
Windows - Font Catalog, Fonts for Software & Hardware Developers
Windows - Forensic Analysis of the Windows Registry
OSNN - Operating System News Network
MAC Address Lookup
Robtex - Swiss Army Knife Internet Tool (Click old site)
ARIN - Whois
SANS Internet Storm - Port activity monitor - Home of Nmap Security Scanner & other tools - Top 100 Network Security Tools
Abongo - IP - Domain lookup
Domain Tools - Whois Lookup
Apache Software Foundation
MySQL - The world's most popular open source database - PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language
Drupal - Content Management System
Joomla! - Content Management System
JavaScripter - Help for JavaScript programmers
Alt-codes - Make symbols with keyboard
Coder’s Toolbox - Many conversion tools
Color Hex Color Codes
4096 Color-Wheel Color Selector
The Art of Web Design: Color Wheel & Color Relationships
Mozilla - Firefox Web Browser
Mozilla - Thunderbird Email Client
Mozilla - Firefox Plugin Check
Mozilla - Firefox Addons
Project Honeypot - Honey Pot opens up a new front in the war on spam
Country - ISO 3166 Country Codes
W3 Schools - The World's Largest Web Developer Site
Coursera - Free Online Courses - PowerShell community site - Getting Started with PowerShell 3.0 Jump Start
Lynda - Online Courses
ICSA Labs - Product testing labs
Symantec - Virus Definitions & Security Updates - Security product testing
Java Downloads (current)
Java Downloads (archived)
WHA Radio History