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Updated: 7 min 52 sec ago

Meet Your Friends Who Get Medicaid

0 sec ago

When high levels of lead were discovered in the public water system in Flint, Mich., in 2015, Medicaid stepped in to help thousands of children get tested for poisoning and receive care.

Uncertainty Over Health Care Law's Future Hobbles Entrepreneurs

0 sec ago

Stinson Dean, an entrepreneur from Independence, Mo., is used to taking risks. He buys Canadian softwood framing lumber to sell to lumberyards in the U.S. and says coping with the ups and downs of the market is an inevitable part of doing business.

Is Tegel Airport To Be Or Not To Be? That Is The Question, For Berlin

0 sec ago

Berlin's Tegel is a relic of the Cold War period when each sector of the divided city had its own airport.

ACLU Sues Michigan After Same-Sex Couples Seeking To Adopt Are Rejected

0 sec ago

Kristy and Dana Dumont were ready to give a child in need a permanent home. They moved into a Dimondale, Mich., house with two spare bedrooms and a spacious, fenced-in yard, in a school district with strong extracurriculars and a diverse community.

In German Election, Campaign Posters Are More Important Than TV Ads

0 sec ago

For the past six weeks, voters in Germany have been inundated by campaign posters ahead of Sunday's national election.

How Many Viruses Can Live In Semen? More Than You Might Think

0 sec ago

When it comes to microbes in sexual organs, the vagina and its fluids seem to garner most of the attention. Heck, there's even a consortium dedicated specifically to studying which critters live and thrive in its confines.

Trump's Approval Is Stabilizing. That Might Mean He Should Work More With Democrats

0 sec ago

President Trump's poll slide appears to have stabilized.

Trump, who came into office with the lowest approval and favorability ratings of any president, saw a steady decline in the months that followed his inauguration.

Who Put The 'Hispanic' In Hispanic Heritage Month?

0 sec ago

Hispanic Heritage Month is a nationally recognized, not-quite-a-month. (It's the back half of September and the front half of October).

New Data About Student Loan Borrowers; DeVos Changes Obama-era Guidance

6 min 18 sec ago

Welcome to the latest installment of our education news roundup. This week: student loans, HBCUs, federal education policy, and more:

The Department of Education scolds an online university

China Moves To Limit Fuel, Textile Trade With North Korea

1 hour 37 min ago

China is imposing new limits on trade with North Korea after the isolated country's latest nuclear test.

Puerto Rico's Weak Infrastructure Creates Big Challenges For Recovery

Fri, 2017-09-22 23:02

Well before this year's series of historically powerful hurricanes, Puerto Rico already had a notoriously fickle power supply and crushing debt — the power authority

An Accident On The Moon, Young Lawyers To The Rescue

Fri, 2017-09-22 21:23

When Alexia Boggs was applying to law school, she initially considered all the big specialties, but none of them seemed quite right.

"I was looking for a field of law where none of my family could ever seek my help," she says, sarcastic but also not really joking.